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How to register?

Simply click on the register button above to be taken to the instructor registration page.

Fill the form on the page by providing accurate information.

Once the registration gets verified, you will be contacted for confirmation.

The entire registration shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. For assistance, send an email to: [email protected]


How to publish your course?

Publishing is your course is straightforward. Go to your instructor profile page and click on “Add New Course” follow the steps that follows.

Choose a course that you feel confident enough and have required knowledge to teach about.

Plan out your course structure in a way that students would love to learn. There are eager students who’re willing to learn from you! Should you encounter any issue along the way, we have a dedicated team willing to help.
[email protected]


Our Community

Simple  Study has a very vibrant community on social media.

Instructors are encouraged to be active in our community as it is a sure to way to network with students which can impact the enrollment numbers of courses.

On social media, we currently have platforms for the general public and Instructors and Administrators only group on LinkedIN. Once you are an instructor on Simple Study, you will be invited to be member.


Get paid as you teach

How do I earn?

Earnings are based on how many students sign up for your courses.

Earnings can easily be tracked on the Instructor’s dashboard at any given time.

There are various payout options available to instructors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can create a course provided you have required and verifiable knowledge to administer a course. Professional instructors/lecturers and industry leaders are very welcome.

You can teach on a wide variety of topics, including Design, Photography, Business, Entrepreneurship, Film, Fashion, Music, Technology, Writing, Creativity and more.

Our Instructor Support Team is here for you 24/7 to help you through your course creation needs. Use our dedicated Instructor helpline and email to have all your needs addressed.

Our Community platform is dedicated to students and instructors of our platform. Students and instructors can share ideas and start discussions on course topics and any other topics.  Users can create and publish and publicize their social or academic events. Users can write and publish articles on any topic of choice.

State of the art course-authoring tools. Excellent course delivery with media workflow to foster collaboration. Every course includes real-time activity stream with comments, content and interactions. Interactive instructor dashboard analytics.

You can increase your teaching brand awareness in a new market to delivering high quality courses to students and learners across the globe. With well structured learning design on this platform, you can have a motivated group of students developing higher-order thinking skills, forming professional networks and showcasing portfolios of work. We can help you achieve this by formulating a tailored strategy to enhance visibility on this platform.

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