What is Simple Study


Simple Study is an online learning platform that seeks to deliver excellent content delivery which focuses on community, collaboration and student engagement.

Simple Study is a product of AIKA Solutions Limited.


How do we do it?

Simple Study is committed to equality and access to education and skills training irrespective of geography, economic status or any other barriers that can so stunt potential.

Deep and critical learning happens when students are fully focused and collaborative. We employ fun, empowering experience to achieve this.

Meaningful learning happens when students are inspired, excited, challenged and motivated by a genuine love for something, not grades. At Simple Study, we are revolutionizing online learning to be a social and engaging experience for students. Our goal is to help others across the world to create these experiences for students everywhere.

How does it work?

Simple Study uses a highly effective workflow to enable and encourage active participation which ensures a community of collaborative learners instead of individuals feeling lost in a sea of information.

We provide built-in features such as forums, Q&A’s and blog pages to encourage  collaboration and peer feedback, while always maintaining room for individuality.

As an instructor, you will be supported by our around the clock instructor support and help center. You will be provided with free training courses and continue support to ensure you have the tools to build the best experiences possible for your learners.

We make online learning enjoyable for our learners and our partners alike and have fun while doing it.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Simple Study values learners autonomy and giving students control over their learning in order to foster a love of lifelong learning.

We give learners the power to take initiative for their own learning experiences and offer them the tools to effectively empower in an online learning environment.  We seek to to transform the way that we teach and learn online.

Simple Study places greater value on providing interactive community experiences which encourage meaningful reflections.

Such reflective experiences help learners to build and share their own conceptual models, inspiring them to take a more active role in their own learning process as well as assisting the learning of others.

For example, students who learn in order to share their understanding and to teach others are more intrinsically motivated, have higher conceptual learning scores, and perceive themselves to be more actively engaged with the environment when compared to students who learn concepts in order to be examined.

A Focus on Community

At its core, Simple Study is a social platform for building effective educational communities and takes inspiration from current social media practices.

As such Simple Study provides a social media platform specifically designed for education, producing instructor-instructor, instructor-learner and learner-learner networking and sharing tools far beyond the functionality of the standard learning management system.

We therefore focus on a user experience which is familiar to social media users, and designs its tools to fit in with common online habits to provide a contemporary social media workflow.