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Game Based Learning: A Way to Engage the Learner

Corporate Learning is being taken seriously more than ever now. Learning managers are always on a look-out to find ways and means to excite and engage learners into a training activity. In as instructor led classroom – there are many ways of engagement. But with the widespread adoption of technology-enabled learning, there is a strong need to find ways of engaged e-learning as well. Corporate managers utilize e-learning services to cater to the continuous training needs within the organization. They too are now looking for solutions that would make sure that learner engagement is high.

Game based learning is now heralded as the new way of engaged learning -even for adults. Here are a few myth busters about Game-based learning:


    • Games are only effective for a young audience: Games have traditionally been created keeping the younger audiences in mind – who are more aligned to newer technologies and are open to explore more. L&D managers who procure e-learning services are often not sure if Game based learning will fit into their audience profiles – that include mid-level or high level executives. There is now proof that game-based learning can be designed for older audiences also. If a game has enough challenges and is able to provide through worth of learning – learners of any age can enjoy and learn from it.


    • Games cannot provide serious learning: Many games are built for serious learning as well. There are simulations that teach high-end medical procedures and skills like flying an airplane. Similarly, high end games can be built to impart serious learning as well. For instances, quizzes on a myriad of subjects can be built – where the learner can be challenged on different issues. In addition to sparking interest and creating a sense of competition, they hone the skills of assimilation and recall. Serious games can also be built with a small learning nugget that provides information or knowledge prior to the beginning of the game. This helps the learner get better prepared for the game as well as utilize the learning nugget to acquire knowledge – utilizing both mediums equally.


  • Game Based Learning is a costly proposition: Though building a game takes some amount of logical thought and time, games can be built within tight budgets as well. Simple interactivities built with development tools like Flash, to engage the learner. Many free tools are also available on the internet that can help create simple games of learning like word-building, cross words and so on. Utilizing these, e-learning services companies can create games for corporate learning. A series of simple games can be created over time to provide sustained learning.


There are many benefits of Game-Based learning and once you get past the mind-block, organizations can utilize them to the fullest.


  • Games can engage even the most reluctant learners.
  • Learners who are withdrawn in an actual classroom might open up in a competitive scenario like a game
  • Games provide instant learning benefit – as the learner engages with the game and learns from the experience. Assimilation is fast and knowledge gained can be utilized immediately.

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