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Five Important Steps to Make Your Students Enjoy Learning

One of some important tasks of a teacher is doing the learning management (ranging from planning, implementation and assessment) to help his/her students achieve maximum learning objectives.

But there are times when teachers cannot assist the students to achieve the best results in learning as the students do not have the passion for learning. The students seem to be reluctant to get involved in the learning process.

So, what should you do as a good teacher? This article will explain how you as a teacher can take some important steps to make your students enjoy learning in the classroom.

1. Do create the classroom environment that inspires everyone

The neighborhood has a strong influence on individual behavior. Likewise, the classroom environment has a strong influence on the students’ behavior that is in it. Therefore, the classroom environment should be pursued in order to really have positive effect on the learners.

To make students passionate about learning, the classroom environment needs to be cultivated in order to inspire students to love learning. Please note to the air, light, and color in the classroom. Less air and light will affect oppressive and exhausting eye. So, you’d better make use of bright colors.

Displays should be pursued, such as great figures, inspirational words, build dreams, poetry, and others. Also, put on the display the class rules that have been agreed among the members of the class.

2. Manage the learning process that amuses each student

Learning atmosphere in the classroom will affect the mood of the students, so that when the learning process is amusing, students will be more motivated and be more attracted to learning.

Note: An amusing learning process is important, but the assessment is also important because it will measure whether or not the process is effective.

Assessment techniques need to be prepared, create questions in accordance with what are to be measured. To develop creativity and originality of the students, you need to use open questions.

In addition, questions should challenge the students to achieve anything more but still doable by the students.

Questions that are too easy will not raise the spirit to work more. Instead, if the questions are too hard they will turn off the students’ effort. So, teachers need to be creative.

3. Create an atmosphere of competition in class

Basically, everyone will feel proud if he/she has anything more than the others: better, more successful, more intelligent, richer, and others. Likewise, people will feel sad or even suffer if they are in a state worse than others. Therefore, every person has an instinct to compete.

However, we as teachers need to prepare a strategy to make sure that the competition in the class remains attractive and students are eager to compete with the classmates.

How to get this? Prepare a competition that can be followed by the entire class and each student has the possibility to become a champion. Make sure that students who become winners varied, not only certain students who win the competition.

Let each student become a champion at a given time. This is in accordance with the principle of “each individual is a champion in his field”. So, teachers need to vary the type of competition held in the classroom.

4. Provide adequate learning resources in your class

It often happens, students do not want to learn due to the lack of the learning resources or even because of the unavailability of the learning resources. In order to make the students in your class enjoy learning, provide adequate learning resources, meaning that the learning resources not only available but also varies.

With the availability of the learning resources (which are varied and adequate), students will be motivated to learn. Learning resources are provided, first of all is that they support the curriculum, as well as related to self-development and/or career development.

Learning resources provided should indeed be in the classroom, not just in the library. Learning resources can be goods referred to printable materials, audio recording, and videos.

The more diverse and more complete the learning resources available in the class, the better the effect on the students’ interest in learning. Thus, students become to enjoy learning.

5. Provide assistance to students who struggle to learn

One more thing that can arouse students’ interest in learning is the availability of the help to learning. The help to learning can come from the classroom teacher, or this could be from another teacher who is assigned to help students who are having problems to learn or facing learning difficulties.

When students encounter learning problems, they need the help to get more understanding. But when the help that is needed is missing, they will stop learning. So, keep in mind to always be on the side of your students to help them overcome their difficulties in learning.

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